Front-end is where it's at.

I'm a web developer living in central MA. I like learning almost anything but I always get satisfaction out of good old front-end markup and styling.

Recent Dev Work

A fun landing page (full ecommerce site on the way) with bootstrap, SVG animations, scroll effects, and custom icon font.

Built in Rails using goodies like Bootstrap and a custom icon font. Check out those pushy buttons! It was also built as the pilot of a new templatized design and development workflow.

Built in MVC and featuring a non-3d, 3d-looking slideshow.

Built in .NET framework and with all the background-image tricks I know.


Check out my CodePen

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    Me in real life

    I am a front-end web developer living in central MA. I first discovered my love for web development when I was a kid spending my free time on I learned how to change the background color on my user page and became hooked on CSS for life. I continue to enjoy it because it involves two of my favorite things: learning and making.

    I also love knitting, gardening, nature, and dogs. Lately I've been playing with some Adafruit products, too.

    Me on the internet

    I troll most places as @pelledear.

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